What is "I Cared for One"?


“I Cared for One” well be held October 1st - October 11th.  

This year, I Cared for One is going virtual! TBCH will be providing access to video, print, and social media content for remote hosts and supporters to share in small group settings and other personal ways.


What does that mean for you? It means you can use your own unique gifts and abilities to host, promote and participate at your own level of involvement, with our full support and help in the process!


TBCH invites you to pray and seek the Lord’s guidance about the optional ways you can get involved, described below. 


  • Host a watch party with your friends and family in your home!  From October 1-11, TBCH will provide access to video content inviting your guests to consider their part in the TBCH story, along with printed materials, and help with discounted meal options from supporting local restaurants.

  • Lead a watch party at your church or company!  Like the in-home watch party, you may be able to use the resources of your organization to accommodate a potentially larger crowd, again with our support.

  • Establish your own I Cared for One fundraiser!  TBCH will help you set up an online fundraising site, through which you can set a goal and share with your family, friends, and contacts. (If you would like to see my page click here  )

  • Promote I Cared for One on your personal social media sites!  Through social media, you can extend the reach of this event to people who may never have heard the TBCH story! We will provide content and images for you to share, raising awareness and support for the kids in our care with only the click of a few buttons.

  • Make a personal I Cared for One gift in lieu of participation!  Some of you may not be able to participate through any of the above options, but you still have a heart for our kids. A gift of any amount will help make I Cared for One successful and will directly impact the lives of the children in our care.  Visit www.tennesseechildren.org - Donate Now - mention ICFO in the memo line

To request more information about these options, please contact Jeff McGinnis (615) 376-3195 or jmcginnis@tennesseechildren.org


Purpose of “I Cared for One”


The main purpose of this event is to raise the awareness of the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes and its ministries to children. Second is to raise funds for the ministries of TBCH.  TBCH does not receive government money which allows us to share the love of Jesus Christ with the children and families in our care.  Because of that we need the community's help to provide the needed budget to care for children in hard places